Hotel Reception Desk
"...designed by a hotelier "

Hotel Reception Desk Software

Hotel Reception Desk makes life easy for hoteliers giving you valuable time to do what you do best - look after your guests.

Hotel management software designed by a hotelier for hoteliers packed with features yet it's ease of use is simplicity itself. Take the tour, download the demo - we're convinced it will save you time AND money (especially those who pay in US dollars)

Specs required

Hotel Reception Desk works on ALL Windows systems
No 3rd party drivers are installed
If the demo works on your machine then you know the full product will be fine.

Saves you hours every week

Hotel softwareHotel Reception Desk costs from 150 per licence and will save you countless hours each week. It has all the features you'd expect to be able to run your reception desk directly from your computer. Featuring "At a Glance View" availability for each room. Whether you are a small guesthouse with 8 bedrooms or a large 150+ bedroomed hotel, Hotel Reception Desk is your ideal tool.

Belated thanks Doug & Anton!. "HRD" has saved me countless hours. Installing it and configuring it was real easy - I note you don't supply any instructions for configuring..and thats because we don't need make it soooo simple. It really is a pleasure to work with and has NEVER crashed once...I don't think I EVER had a program that didn't crash at least once in 6 months. Thanks again!
Terry Large, Blackpool

UK Users - get the Postcode Anywhere Plugin

Postcode AnywhereUse in conjunction with Postcode Anywhere for a really professional result which won't cost the Earth!! We think this is a great add-on for Hotel Reception Desk.

FANTASTIC. it's not often I send letters or emails thanking somebody but in this case I had to. Your software is going to save me hours and hours each week. If I add this up to the end of the year I may just get a holiday out of it! Thanks again! Paul Richmond, Taunton

Thanks Doug. As you know I was a little apprehensive about moving from my diary bookings into the 21st Century. It really was as easy as you described though. I appreciated your help over the phone in setting it up (and that was even before I had purchased your software!!). Well what can i say? We're both thrilled to bits with how easy it is to use and how quick we can send a complete confirmation, by email or letter with tons of info all pre-formatted. I do have one complaint. With all the free time this is giving me Mary is making me decorate more bedrooms! Kind regards, Peter Rawlinson, York

Priced from 150gbp

Why HRD?

  • Make a booking and confirm it in under a minute! Don't believe this video tutorial
  • Packed with features -configure it the way YOU like it - not necessarily the way we like it
  • Stable on all Windows NEVER crashes
  • Export reports in csv format - suitable for ANY spreadsheet package
  • Suitable also for property lettings, vehicle hire, caravan hire in fact ANYTHING that is let out on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • At a Glance Availability Checker
  • Colour coded to show "Booked", "Confirmed", "Arrived" & "Paid"
  • At a Glance Guest Names allocated to each accommodation unit
  • No chance of double booking
  • Automatic E-mail Confirmation
  • Automatic Letter Confirmation
  • Report Generator
  • Invoice Generator
  • Customisable Extras allocated to each selected unit
  • Sales Reports for any given period
  • Tax Reports for any given period
  • Laundry Reports
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Diary & Memo Generator
  • Telephone & Address Book