Hotel Reception Desk

Back Up Your Data !!!!!!

You need to back up a file called hms.mdb

This is located in a folder called "data" under the main program.
It can usually be found here:-
C:\ Program Files \ Canasta Software \ Hotel Reception Desk \ data

I cannot stress enough how important this is. It's your whole business bookings stored in one file - you really MUST back this file up at least every 24 hours onto media OUTSIDE your computer. One day your computer WILL crash - they all do. I've owned about 30 computers since 1996. The average lifespan is about 2 years - OK...mine get plenty of hammer..yours will probably last longer but nothing is as sure as day your computer will fry / blow up / stop working . I can guarantee it will usually happen when you are extremely busy and have a multitude of other things to do!!! prepared for this

Here's what I do.
I use Almer Backup from

It's neat - you can set it ...and forget it. I back up my copy of hms.mdb EVERY three hours onto an EXTERNAL hard drive. I also set Almer Backup to copy this file to my server EVERY night. I know that when my computer fries...I got a VERY recent backup waiting for me somewhere and all is not lost.

Almer Backup costs 17GBP - you may have your own favourite Back Up tool - I don't care - all I do care about is that you safeguard your business by making sure you back up this crucial file which is why I've taken 30 minutes out of my life for you and constructed this page. If you're not sure how to backup your data file or can't find it please email support and we'll take you through it further.

There's even a way in Windows Task Manager to make backups but I always found it quirky and unreliable so won't waste my time explaining it here.