Hotel Reception Desk

This is the screen you access from the Booking Control Centre if you want to make any changes to the booking. The first tab, SUMMARY shows you general information about the booking. This can be printed off and stored as a hard copy backup. It's always useful to keep hard copies - computers do have a habit of breaking down and if you have hard copy records you'll at least be able to carry on your business until things return to normal.

The GENERAL tab some general contains information about the booking which you can change. Here you can move the guest to another available room, change dates of arrival and/or departure, change number of adults and children occupying the room, enter the car registration number, enter details about the booking type and source (this will be useful when we upgrade to Version 2 and MARKETING & ANALYSIS is added) and a neat feature also added is the NOTES. In NOTES you can make a note of any special requirement. When text is added to this section it automatically adds a lightning icon before the guest name in the Availability Grid screen. You'll soon get used to checking for this icon every morning in case there are any special arrival requirements for your guests.
The PAYMENTS tab is where you enter details of any payments made. You can enter notes against any payment if you wish. If a payment is added resulting in the booking being paid in full a neat feature of HRD is that it updates the STATUS to "PAID" without you having to do this. Similarly, when adding a deposit it updates the PROVISIONAL booking to CONFIRMED without you having to do this manually. HRD is quite intelligent in this respect.
EXTRAS is where you enter any extra service or supply that you provide for the guest that is chargable. This can be printed off if the guest wants an itemised invoice.

NEWSPAPERS is where you allocate a newspaper for the guest. Simply drag and drop to the right hand window to ensure the guest has his required newspaper in the morning. (You can go to REPORTS every morning to get a list of all the newspapers required that day - it even reports on what room requires which paper!). If you provide free papers just ZERO rate them in settings. If you charge for them they will appear on the final invoice.

BILLING is a useful tab - you'll use this one quite a lot. Obviously it prints out an invoice for the guest which shows total amount for all accomodation and any extras. It adds the VAT inclusive amount also. Most hotels include the VAT in any rate they quote so we thought it easier to make this standard for our application. If you are not VAT registered simply untick the check box n settings and no VAT will be shown. If you wish to override the tariff quoted by the system simply tick the box and enter the total charge for the accommodation. This is useful for when you are doing special offers or where different tariffs are running for different rooms and occupancy levels. Changing information in this box will change details for this booking only.