Hotel Reception Desk
Confirmation Email
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This is my favourite feature of Hotel Reception Desk.

We currently market our hotel directly through the internet and 99% of all folk who make a booking have an email address. We used to use a confirmation "template" to confirm all bookings which meant us booting up the email program, starting a new email and changing the variables manually to suit each different confirmation. OK that only takes a minute but the new feature in HRD does all that for you!! You'll need to set out the text of your own personalised confirmation yourself, once, and then each time a booking is made all you need do is click one button - which boots up your email program, opens a new mail to send configured to the email address of your guest, then you press CTRL and "V" which pastes in the complete text of your confirmation. All the fields are completed for you.

I'm REALLY pleased with this feature and have been testing myself to see how fast I can complete a booking from initial phone call to sending confirmation. My "Personal Best" time is 20 seconds. That includes selecting dates, number of nights, selecting guest, allocating room, making booking, adding deposit payment and sending confirmation email with ALL CORRECT DETAILS completed with about 400 words in it !!! This program is the absolute business !!!