Hotel Reception Desk

There is only one file for Hotel Reception Desk. This is a demo, the full version and the update all rolled into one. If you are using this file to update existing software it is CRUCIAL...absolutely CRUCIAL that you locate the file named hms.mdb located in the data folder and store it in a safe place before installing the upgrade. Of course you should be making daily backups of this file anyway - after all it is your WHOLE business bookings in one file. To give you an idea how important this file is to me I back it up every 3 hours automatically - more info here

Download Hotel Reception Desk Here


The demonstration will always start on the same date - after you register it defaults to the current date setting, Bookings you enter during demonstration mode will only last 2 days on your system - they get automatically deleted after that time. Please use the demo to consider if our software will be suitable for you. Any problems setting this up please email us

If you have problems installing this please email